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Support of Apple experts.

Comfortable financing.

Safety and protection of your data.

Accessories and peripherals.

Authorized service.

Managing your devices.

Insurance packages.

Apple Financial Services.

Support of Apple experts.

Comfortable financing.

Safety and protection of your data.

Accessories and peripherals.

Authorized service.

Managing your devices.

Insurance packages.

Apple Financial Services.

Mobile cooperation, communication and multitasking. In short, Apple.

A business partner of great importance.
But of a light weight.

You can do anything because everything is in your hands. From the newest processors, through fantastic Retina displays, to advanced security solutions, superfast processors and excellent efficiency – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have all you need to run a business. Built-in applications, which are as powerful as they are simple and intuitive, will help you work even more productively.

In the App Store, search for new apps suited to individual needs of your small business.

In the App Store, search for new apps suited to individual needs of your small business.

Your entire company
in a briefcase.

Slim and light, versatile and powerful. iPad is a perfect device for businesses.

Every iPad has a dazzling Retina display, advanced cameras and powerful chips, so wherever you work from, you can do more. Face ID and Touch ID make it very easy for you to unlock the device and, at the same time, they successfully protect your device and data. By adding Apple Pencil and a keyboard you gain even more space for action. And thanks to fast wireless communication and all-day battery life, you can act longer.

Work wherever you want.

There is no greater task than running a company. Unless you have an iPhone with the fastest chip ever used in a smartphone, the best photo system and display in the iPhone history, and the iOS system with built-in advanced tools for productive and creative teamwork.

It’s incredible how much you can do! Preparing a Keynote presentation, staying in contact thanks to such apps as FaceTime, Messages and Mail. It’s never been easier!

On your wrist.
Check whenever and wherever you are.

Apple Watch is ready for your challenges. Receive phone calls and send messages with one tap.

Its advanced functions will help you read messages and notifications even faster. No matter where you are, Apple Watch will be your best business partner.

A work like this is a pleasure.

Move your business onto M1.

Why is it worth?

Chip is power.

The Apple M1 chip changes everything. It brings exceptional technologies. Stunning processor speed. And extraordinary energy saving. Such a power deserves particular attention. You can perform multiple tasks concurrently. It is a breakthrough that will boost the performance of your entire team.

Small chip. Big change.

It is the first chip designed particularly for Mac. Incredibly efficient, loaded with prime technologies and the most energy-saving in the branch, the M1 chip is not simply the next phase in Mac development. It is a new opening.

It doesn’t spare itself at work. It spares battery.

Apart from highly efficient cores, MacBook also has energy saving cores that cope perfectly with everyday tasks, using ten times less energy.

It has more power.
It wakes up in an instant.

The M1 chip together with macOS Big Sur enhance the efficiency of the entire system. MacBook Air wakes up instantly. Everyday activities, such as browsing photos or surfing in Safari, can be performed more efficiently.

Move your business to Mac.
It’s easy to switch from PC to Mac.

Why is it worth?

Safety and protection of data
as a standard.

Apple keeps you safe from the moment you unpack your device from the box, thanks to such built-in solutions as hardware-verified system startup, real-time data encryption, Touch ID or Gatekeeper. Apple devices and platforms are designed in such a way as to protect your personal and corporate data.



Every Apple product is designed from the very beginning to protect your privacy. We do not create user profiles, sell personal data, or share information with other companies for marketing or advertising purposes. Apps only send forward information that you’ve approved.

Battery life.

Battery life of up to 18 hours is striking. On MacBook, you can work wherever, however and for how long you want.

18 working hours

They all work together.

Apple are powerful, mobile and versatile devices that cooperate perfectly with one another. You can, therefore, manage your business wherever you are. Mac, iPad and iPhone have common functions and applications. You can copy between your devices, start a project on your Mac and finish it on your iPad.

Mac cooperates with the IT department. Mac does require an IT department.

Mac can be configured from any place, thanks to total automatization of implementation. Intuitive usage and simplicity of management are the essence of Mac. Its fast preparation for work is aided by easy configuration and Apple Migration Assistant. Apple devices are reliable, they are perfect for companies run without IT support. Less reported problems, less necessary software.

Why buy from Cortland?

Apple All Inclusive

If you like shopping in the all-inclusive version – you couldn’t be more in the right place. In Cortland stores and in our online shop you can select convenient forms of financing, such as leasing for companies, and you will insure your devices against flooding, crashing, stealing or even robbery. In Cortland, you will find a vast selection of accessories and Apple authorized service. As part of the package, you can consult our Apple Experts, trained by Apple Certified Trainers.

At your service. From the beginning to the end.

Comfortable and transparent options of financing your purchases.
Select a financing form suitable for you.

Leasing. Efficiently and transparently.

Use the possibility of leasing Apple devices in your company. The funds that your company would have to spend on buying devices in one transaction, can be invested by you in the development of your business in other domains, while you enjoy low, cyclical leasing payments.

The best tools for working
with a flexible
financing system.

The terms of Apple Financial Services provide for flexible adaptation to changing needs of your company or institution. Friendly options of terminating the leasing agreement will enable you to have full control over the technology refreshing cycle. It is you who chooses the right moment for modernization. Take advantage of flexible terms and various options of terminating leasing, to gain as much as possible from your investment.

Got any questions?
Check our answers.

How can I manage many devices?

It’s easy. The free Apple Business Manager tool, which can cooperate with any managing system, enables a remote configuration and management of your Mac, iPhone and iPad. It’s enough that your devices are connected to the Internet.

What is Apple Business Manager? Can I use it?

Apple Business Manager (before DEP – Device Enrollment Program) is a portal where you can see all your registered devices. From here you can decide about hooking your devices to the selected managing system (Mobile Device Management – MDM). You don’t need to be in a direct contact with the device. Cortland is connected directly to Apple services and registration of the purchased devices is super quick. The choice of MDM solutions is very wide, starting with those free ones. We will be happy to share with you our long-term practice in this respect.

Are Apple devices compatible with popular applications?

Yes. All applications used for the realization of office tasks are available in versions for Apple devices. Many applications have special versions for iPads and iPhones, for example, Microsoft Office 365.

What will I gain, buying in Cortland?

From the very beginning of our existence, that is for almost 30 years, we have been providing solutions for business clients of all sizes. We understand that Apple devices are chosen by our clients not only because of their design and popularity, but on the basis of hard evidence pertaining to their functionality, durability, safety and value preservation. These devices work for you – and we keep that in mind all the time.

How to stay safe with Apple?

The technologies of face recognition, finger prints, data encryption applied in Apple devices make Apple the safest and easiest in use commercial platform. Automatic backups in Time Machine, cooperation with popular cloud solutions such as iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, provide additional possibilities of securing your data.

What will be the duration of the agreement?

We offer several duration periods for our agreements: 18 months, 24 months, 36, months, 48 months, 60 months. We recommend the period of 24 or 36 months, due to the most beneficial financing terms.

Do I need IT support to move my business to Apple?

Depending on the size of your company, solutions you’ve been already using, and your expectations of new functionalities, IT support can be useful, but it does not have to be necessary at all. Apple devices have proven to be perfect solutions for companies that don’t have their own IT departments, because on daily basis don’t require much attention. We will be happy to assist you in the migration and advise if and what kind of support you may need after moving to Apple.

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